There's much to see here so take your time, look  around and enjoy the visual explosion of colors and themes created in a variety of mediums that make up our coastal wall décor.  

About The Artist


I've been an artisan at heart ever since I can remember, but my life as a ‘professional artist‘ did not begin until 2009 when I began taking private art lessons, which in turn led me down the path of rediscovery and a renewed passion for artistry.

Living in Florida with my family since 1983, I’ve developed a love affair with the sea and everything coastal which continues to translate into my artwork today

Broken Wall Mural, Acrylics

My Medium

I work in several different mediums such as acrylics, watercolors and resins while always striving to keep my artwork & craft fresh, progressive and  moving in a forward direction


My Inspiration

My love of nature and my passion for life

My Blog